Breaking Bad t-shirts perfect for new season

breaking bad t-shirtsOne of the most anticipated premiers of the summer is hands down the season six premier of Breaking Bad. When we last left everyone’s favorite meth cook, things were getting pretty intense. And after what seemed like an eternity we will finally get to see how the events of the last season will unfold. Without giving away too many spoilers, we here at ROCKWORLDEAST are waiting on the edge of our seats to see the Hank and Walt situation play out. That’s why we are so dedicated to providing a great selection of Breaking Bad t-shirts to fans also anticipating the new season!

Show your support for Walt, Breaking Bad t-shirts featuring Heisenberg ideal!

Everyone has their opinions of Walt. Some think he’s just an average guy forced into a hard spot supporting his family. Others think he’s taken it too far and is now too invested in the drug world to ever get out. Whatever camp you fall in, it is easy to see Heisenberg as an icon of the show. That’s why Breaking Bad t-shirts featuring Heisenberg have become so popular amongst fans. Its easily recognizable and the designs are just way too cool not to wear.

August 11, 2013 on AMC! Stay tuned

It all goes down on August 11th. If you’ll be at work, be sure to avoid the internet at costs because discussions of the season premier are sure to take over the web in the days after. Until then, we suggest checking out the Breaking Bad store to see what Breaking Bad t-shirts available!

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