Classic Batman Shirts & We ask Batman Fans a Loaded Question!

How many Batman Shirts do YOU own?

Batman is arguably one of the most well known superheroes of all time with one of the most classic logos to grace a superhero’s outfit. RWE staff and customers alike seem drawn to the caped crusader in ways that other superheroes just can’t match. Over the years, we’ve sold heaps of the classic Batman shirts, most commonly the one that features the bright yellow bat signal logo on a black t-shirt. Shows like The Big Bang Theory have made Batman shirts even more popular due to one of the main characters wearing them in the show! Most recently, we’ve added some really old throwback Batman tees to our Superhero store, showing off some of the original logos and original comic book style imagery. These have been a huge hit with the super-fans. Being one of the top online retailers of Official Batman shirts, merch & collectibles we’re always interested in what the fans have to say about The Bat-Man. Some claim he isn’t a real superhero because he has no super powers… He’s just some guy with a ton of money and cool gadgets. Some say that’s what makes him the greatest superhero of all time, others say that’s what makes him a fake. We took to twitter to find out. Once @batmannewscom re-tweeted us, the responses came flowing in, including one from Tyler Baltierra, MTV’s original teen dad.

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So What’s the Deal, Superhero or Super Rich?

Some challenged the definition of ‘superhero’ by claiming he’s a hero who does super things. Others agreed, citing again that it was his lack of powers that made him a superhero, one girl even went so far as to claim that having super powers was actually cheating! The overwhelming response we got was in a similar vein as these comments: Batman is a superhero regardless of his lack of super powers. He’s an ordinary guy who does extraordinary things with the wealth he has been given.

Q&A with Batman Fans

How to tell if you are an ultimate Batman fan?

Whether you think Batman is just a rich guy with no powers, or one of the greatest superhero’s of all time, we have compiled a list of indicators that you might an ultimate Batman fan:
1. You’ve ever said “I am the batman” at any point in your life, ever.
2. Every time a new Batman film is released, you’ve just finished watching all previous Batman films to refresh your Bat knowledge, and to accurately point out mistakes in the timeline or references.
3. When you saw this Batman lamp, you thought, hmm, that will look good in my bat cave.
4. All your ice cubes are shaped like tiny bats.
5. And you put them in a batman glass like this.

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