Deadmau5 Shirts – The Many Faces of Deadmau5

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Deadmau5 has gained notoriety in preceding years for his influence and compilations released in the electronic world. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, has been the subject of controversy as he has publicly spoke out about his distaste for being labeled a DJ, as well as his dislike of DJ’s in general. He later retracted this statement, offering the notion that he can appreciate talented DJ’s when he sees them. He has also publicly spoke out against Madonna for speaking out at the Ultra Music Festival, asking, ‘Has anyone seen Molly?’, which Deadmau5 had taken to refer to MDMA.

Deadmau5 Shirts: The Coolest T-Shirts There Are

ROCKWORLDEAST know its fans, and know its fans like Deadmau5. As a result, we have made it our mission to amass as many Deadmau5 shirts & merchandise items as is possible so that our loyal followers have the best selection to, well, select from! There are several different Deadmau5 shirts available in a variety of different designs. Deadmau5 hoodies are also available, including a particularity amazing one featuring a big set of Deadmau5 ears and a zip-up mau5 face. Of particular note is the staff favorite Deadmau5 tee featuring Deadmau5’ cat Meowingtons. Deadmau5 is known for wearing a different mau5head at most of his concerts, we almost never get to see Joel’s actual head unless he’s posing for pictures with his lady, Kat Von D. With the Deaduam5 logo being the most iconic image on the current EDM scene,  a few Deadmau5 shirts featuring the logo is a must have in every partier’s wardrobe!

deadmau5 shirts

Who is that Mouse? It’s Deadmau5!

Perhaps one of the most iconic mascots of electronic music is Deadmau5’ mouse head. Deadmau5 himself wears a giant version of this mouse head during his performances, and it serves as his logo for almost all of the Deadmau5 shirts and merchandise.  This mau5head has since been featured on Deadmau5 hats and Deadmau5 beanies, often with mouse ears protruding from the top. Deadmau5 has risen to the top of the electronic world, and as a Canadian company, we here at ROCKWORLDEAST are proud to see one of our own making such an impact on the music scene!

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