the Tardis: it makes an Awesome Doctor Who Shirt

Iconic of all Doctor Who merchandise is the TARDIS, heavily featured on almost every item related to Doctor Who. The TARDIS is police box used by Doctor who to travel through time and space and is an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is a sentient being and often interacts with the Doctor in unique and comical situations. Fans have grown over the years to develop a soft spot for this loveable box, which could explain the rise in the use of the TARDIS on Doctor Who shirts.

doctor who shirt

TARDIS in popular culture

The TARDIS is well recognized and loved by fans of all ages. Since its inception, it has slowly leaked into other faucets of popular culture. The TARDIS has appeared in an episode of the Simpsons, on the cover art of an Iron Maiden album, and have since become a nickname for single portable toilet unit after the Tardis Environmental UK adopted the name. For all these reasons and more its no wonder why the Doctor Who shirt is such a popular seller, because who DOESN’T love the TARDIS?

Doctor Who shirt, which will you choose?

The lovable TARDIS has come in many different shapes and sizes on Doctor Who shirts. With numerous different shirts to choose from, each features a different design, and are available in different colors and sizes. There is sure to be a TARDIS shirt for you and your best Doctor Who friend to wear. Recently enjoying a surge in popularity is the Doctor Who shirt, Tardis, which is printed on a light grey shirt and features the TARDIS in front of a time space cloud. For those looking to show their love for everyone’s favorite time traveling doctor, the Doctor Who store is the perfect starting point!

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