Doctor Who T-Shirts

Doctor Who is one of the longest running science fiction shows to date, and is one of the most successful science fiction shows of all time. The show has so far featured eleven different doctors, explained by the fact that the Doctor is able to regenerate his body near death. Originally aired in 1963, the show has been on the air for 50 years, allowing the show to amass fans of every different generation.

doctor who t-shirts

You Never Forget Your First Doctor

As there has been eleven different Doctors, fans all have their own favorite Doctor, as well as the Doctor they were introduced to the series by. This is commemorated in the ‘You Never Forget Your First Doctor’ Doctor Who girls shirt available in the Doctor Who store. The long running nature of the show has created several different devout followings, leaving us to wonder, who was YOUR first Doctor?

Doctor Who Merchandise Featuring the TARDIS

One of the most iconic images of the Doctor Who franchise is the TARDIS, or the Time And Relative Dimension in Space, a time machine that the Doctors use to navigate through time and space. The TARDIS is shown as a police box in the show, which has since become the focal point of many Doctor Who t-shirts. The Doctor Who store stocks several different designs of the TARDIS, available in blue, black and grey.

Lowest Prices on Doctor Who T-Shirts

ROCKWORLDEAST aims to keep the prices low on all your favorite shirts so that you can affordably rock your support for your favorite show. At only $16 USD, any Doctor Who fan on a budget can pick up their favorite Doctor Who t-shirts for their next time traveling adventure through space. Keep an eye on the Doctor Who merchandise, as it is sure to expand as the latest season of Doctor Who grows in popularity!

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