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game of thrones shirts

There has been quite the buzz lately about the epic drama that is Game of Thrones. As one of HBO’s most popular shows right now, fans are heavily divided on which house deserves the iron throne. As ROCKWORLDEAST carries numerous different Game of Thrones t-shirts, we have been monitoring which house has gained the most popularity… and it’s a pretty tough call! Fans appear pretty split on which house to support, and the latest season has only seemed to deepen this divide.

Game of Thrones Shirts & Gifts for Viewing Parties

If you happen to be interested in picking up your favorite Game of Thrones shirts to represent the house you support check out the link below and find a ton of great Game of Thrones shirts and Game of thrones gift items. Viewing Parties have become very popular with this series, especially for the season opener and the finale. This show has quickly become one of the most beloved series on television spawning a series of character memes that are popular on internet sites like facebook and reddit. So make sure, if you want to let the world know who you want to be the next to rule the Iron Throne, be sure to pick up one of our Game of Thrones shirts that shows off your house!

game of thrones shirts

So Who DOES Lounge in the Iron Throne Off Camera?

The heavily sought after Iron Throne is featured prominently on the show – and as it should! With each house vying for the crown, it’s really hard to miss. We thought that the Throne looked so regal and inviting, surely some of the cast lounges around in between shooting shouting orders or eating their lunch on it? As we’ve been spending a lot of time on twitter lately, our weekly contests and participating in the twitter verse, we asked!

You’d Be Surprised at the Answers We Received…

The good-natured cast and crew of Game of Thrones were kind enough to respond to our question. While we think that some of the answers might have been a bit cheeky with us, we appreciated their response none the less! Luke Barnes tweeted that he had never even seen the throne, while Ryan Marshall claimed the throne was actually quite comfy!  So there you have it folks, straight from the horses mouth. Be sure to check out our Game of Thrones t-shirts to show your support for your favorite house – and remember… whichever house wins, at least the throne is very comfortable!The Truth Abotu the Game of Thrones Iron Throne


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