Game of Thrones Tee Shirts See a Spike in Sales

game of thrones tee shirts

Everyone remembers the season three finale of Game of Thrones. We won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but following the grisly episode that was the Red Wedding, the finale struck a chord with audiences in its own way. Fans of the show can rejoice, because today it was recently announced that the mastermind behind the season 3 finale, Neil Marshall, will be returning to direct the upcoming finale of season 4! Who knows what this season brings, but you can be sure that the finale is going to be one badass affair (and you can be sure that the Game of Thrones merchandise to be released in support of season 4 will be just as badass!)

game of thrones tee shirtsGame of Thrones Shirts Some of the Best Out There

As always, in anticipation of the new season fans have begun their own quest to find the coolest Game of Thrones tee shirts out there. The Game of Thrones store certainly fits the bill, as it stocks everything from Game of Throne tee shirts for each house, as well as more that are not house specific. With new Game of Thrones shirts arriving every week, fans should keep their eye on the store to make sure they don’t miss the Game of Thrones shirt of a lifetime!

Neil Marshall, Hollywoods Coolest Director

Neil Marshall is an English director born in 1970. The first film he directed, Dog Soldiers, hit cult status and gained a very loyal following. He is also known for directing the Descent in 2005, which became a critically acclaimed horror film. He brings his unique directing style to Game of Thrones to create some very powerful imagery and great theatrics.

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