An Iron Maiden T Shirt to Represent Them All

Every metal fan knows Iron Maiden whether they like them or not. As one of the pioneers of the genre, they formed in 1975 in London. With over 35 albums in their repertoire, they certainly have hit international success and acclaim. Characteristic of the band’s music is the aggressive and loud sound they have come to be known for. It should come as no surprise then, with the Iron Maiden t shirt, Eddie Finger, that this shirt is a true representation of the band. This shirt has their mascot, Eddie, printed on the front giving the finger.iron maiden t shirt

Eddie, as we know him

Eddie was first introduced as a backdrop during Iron Maiden’s concerts in 1980. He has served as the band’s logo ever since and is featured on many an Iron Maiden t shirt. As the bands logo it should come as no surprise then that he has undergone many transformations, often emulating the theme of the album. For the powerslave, Eddie was transformed into a mummy, and for Somewhere in Time he was turned into a cyborg. With each new incarnation comes a brand new version of Eddie. However, we will always remember the Iron Maiden t shirt that has Eddie giving the finger in his base form.

Iron Maiden t shirt, the best t shirt

It’s really no contest, Iron Maiden has some of the best shirts out there. With all the different incarnations of Eddie, how could they not? Each looks to out-do the last in terms of gore, graphics and imagery, and we think that they have done a pretty good job.

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