RWE’s Top Selling Father’s Day Gift – It’s the Johnny Cash Shirts!

johnny cash shirts

This should come as no surprise… the most popular Father’s Day gifts for 2013 is the Johnny Cash shirts featuring Johnny Cash giving the finger! In fact, it’s been the most popular shirt at this time of year since we began carrying it many years ago! Dads everywhere love Johnny Cash, and what better way to show your support for this country music legend than with a t-shirt featuring the most iconic image of the man, him giving the finger! Interesting to note, a photographer took this photo during a concert he was playing at San Quentin State Prison. ROCKWORLDEAST stocks several different versions of the Johnny Cash shirts, available on both black shirts and white shirts, in several different sizes. And what better gift to give the most bad-ass man you know, than a shirt of the most bad-ass country singer to ever live?

johnny cash shirts

Huge Selection of Johnny Cash Shirts Available!

ROCKWORLDEAST carries a huge selection of Johnny Cash shirts, available in the Johnny Cash store. The iconic Johnny Cash Giving The Finger t-shirt, is only one of many available to purchase for the best father’s day gift you can find. Not only do we carry a variety of different Johnny Cash tees, but we also carry them at the lowest price you’ll find! At only 14 – 17 dollars US, these shirts have not raised in price in the ten years we have been in operation!

Best Father’s Day Gift Runner Up?darth vader bobblehead

Beat out by a small margin, the runner up to the best Father’s Day gift of 2013 is the Star Wars bobblehead, galaxy’s best father! This bobblehead features Darth Vader on a plaque labeled, “Galaxy’s Best Father”. And while Vader may have been an evil super villain trying to take over the empire, he did fit time in there somewhere to save his son, right? So while your own father might not have cut off your hand in an attempt to save you, we bet he’s done some other pretty cool things for you. Don’t you think he deserves the title of “galaxy’s best father”?


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