The Perfect Metallica T-Shirt

A Staple of Every Head Bangers Wardrobe

When you think of ‘metal’, we’re sure you invariably think of Metallica. Maybe it’s not the first band, or the second, but we are confident it always makes the list. As one of the founding four bands of thrash metal, the band has reached international success since their inception in 1981. They have received critical acclaim for their music and are credited as one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time.

metallica t-shirt

The Perfect Metallica T-Shirt

That’s why we think at least one Metallica t-shirt adorns every metal heads closet. And with a band that has been around as long as Metallica, there is no shortage of different designs to choose from! With everything from the classics to the newer albums, the Metallica store has a shirt for everyone. Most recently, fans have favored the all over prints of the more classic albums, such as the Metallica Master Of Puppets Shirt. These shirts are bright, vibrant and in your face – much like Metallica fans themselves! Another favorite is the Master of Puppets all over print. This Metallica t-shirt features an embellished version of the Master of Puppets album artwork, and is one of the most influential metal albums available.

A Metallica T-Shirt Will Never Go Out of Style

As one of the most influential metal bands of all time, we hardly doubt that Metallica is going anywhere, anytime soon. With many upcoming projects announced, including a 3D concert film to be released in IMAX, the band continues to amaze fans with their dedication and drive. Consequently, with no end in sight for the band, a classic Metallica t-shirt will continue to be the staple of a head bangers wardrobe. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the classics, or the bold statement of the newer, more vibrant Metallica tees, it is safe to say that almost every metal fan has at least one.

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