Sheldon Cooper & The Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

The Big Bang Theory premiered 2007 and has been met with international success. One of the most prominent characters on the show, Sheldon Cooper, has garnered popular attention. As a child prodigy, Sheldon is a highly intellectual individual who is very socially inept. Although he is part of the group, Sheldon shows very little empathy or sympathy for his friends. He frequently exhibits rigidly logical thought patterns and is often unaware of how he is impacting others.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

A recurring theme in the show is the Soft Kitty song. Soft Kitty was sun by Sheldon’s mother to him while he was sick. In one episode, when Sheldon became sick, his friends abandoned him to go to the movies knowing how difficult he was to deal with. Penny then was suckered into taking care of him, and Sheldon requested he sing the Soft Kitty song to him. Since then, the song has taken off with fans. To accommodate this rise in popularity, the Big Bang Theory t-shirt, Soft Kitty, was released. This girls shirt features a picture of a cartoon cat with the words, “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.” This Big Bang Theory t-shirt has since become one of the most popular Big Bang Theory items available.Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

Sheldon Cooper Cracked

Perhaps one of the reasons why the soft kitty Big Bang Theory t-shirt is so popular is because it shows a more humane and softer side of Sheldon Cooper. The song depicted on the shirt exemplifies Sheldon Cooper’s vulnerable side, as he begs Penny to sing the song to him as his mother did. This shows that Sheldon is able to form meaningful relationships with others. Or maybe people just enjoy seeing Sheldon’s whiny antics as a person who doesn’t take to sickness very well. Either way, this Big Bang Theory t-shirt continues to be a fan favorite and is available in several different colors.

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