Controversial Slayer merchandise

slayer merchandiseSlayer is a band marked by controversy. Having formed in 1981, the band rose to mainstream success and became one of the most influential bands in thrash metal. Marked by their aggressive lyrics and musical styling’s, the band has not shied away from typically taboo topics. Everything from serial killers, religion, necrophilia, and warfare have been featured in the bands lyrics. This has resulted in wide spread bans, accusations of Nazi sympathies, law suits and criticisms. This controversy has since spilled over into the Slayer merchandise available in the Slayer store.

Slayer merchandise features controversial imagery

Just as the band’s music has been the subject of controversy, so too is Slayer merchandise. Most items available prominently feature skulls in one way or another with bright vibrant colored backgrounds. Of notable interest is the Unit 731 Slayer shirt. This was a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit of the Japanese Army. This group was known for their experimentation on human subjects and was responsible for the deaths of somewhere between 3000 – 12,000 people. Many of the scientists employed at the camp were never prosecuted. This shirt is as controversial as they come as it prominently features Unit 731.

More than just controversial, Slayer merchandise is iconic

Slayer fans worldwide recognize the classic Slayer logos that are featured on Slayer’s merchandise. The classic sword pentagram can be found on several different items, including necklaces, shirts and hoodies. Additionally, the iron eagle which is also featured on several different items is also well recognized by Slayer fans around the globe. Those looking to show their love for this unique band should check out the Slayer store to see the plethora of items in stock!

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