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sons of anarchy clothing

Sons of Anarchy has hit incredible popularity since its premier in 2008, creating a huge following since the time it has been aired. The reaper patch and SAMCRO logo have become internationally recognized images now, and it is rare to walk down a busy street without seeing someone wearing SOA gear. Sons of Anarchy clothing has become hugely popular. Our Sons of Anarchy clothing line has been the fastest expanding store on our website steadily for the past 2 years. The demand for SOA hoodies and merch is huge, but we have no problem keeping up with demand. You can shop through one of the largest selections of Sons of Anarchy clothing including t-shirts, zip up hoodies, pullover hooded sweatshirts, wristbands and more.

sons of anarchy clothing

So Who is the Biggest SOA Fan?

After perusing what the internet had to offer in the realm of SOA, we came across, arguably, one of the biggest SOA fans out there. This guy got a tattoo of the reaper logo across his whole back! This wasn’t the most shocking aspect of the story, what we found even cooler than this was that the tattoo received a 3.16 stars out of 5 on Rank My Tattoos! While this might only seem like average, in the harsh reality that is the internet, filled with cynics, criticizers, and demanding reviewers, a 3.16 is actually a pretty good score! He might be one of the biggest SOA fans out there, and is certainly in the running for the leader of the army of fans SOA has amassed over the years.

What do the Cast and Crew Think?

Something as cool as this we couldn’t keep to ourselves. We took to the twitterverse to see what the cast and crew of SOA think about this amazing and crazy tattoo. Chris D Reed and Dominic Pagone both responded, with Pagone exclaiming, ‘Now THAT’S dedication!’ and Reed commenting, ‘That’s way hardcore.’ If that’s not a resounding thumbs up from the top, we don’t know what is! But for the rest of us, perhaps we’ll stick to the amazing selection of Sons of Anarchy t-shirts available in the Sons of Anarchy store. After all, they are much less permanent, and much cheaper.

Q&A with Sons Of Anarchy Cast

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