Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, Patch Gray, Simple Yet Attention Grabbing

sons of anarchy t-shirtBigger isn’t always better, and more isn’t always better either! This Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, Patch Gray, has certainly proved this theory. Fans of the biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, have flocked to this shirt like flies to honey and we can’t really explain it. It has a very simple logo on the front, just the classic Reaper logo with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ written across the top on a plain gray t-shirt. The logo is smaller than say, the SAMBEL t-shirt, but yet this is the shirt that fans want!

Sons of Anarchy T-shirt, Patch Gray, not for everyone

Ok, so just because everyone else on the planet wants the Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, Patch Gray, doesn’t mean you do! And we here at ROCKWORLDEAST respect that. We know you want variety and not everyone likes their shirts to be so vanilla. That’s why there is a huge variety in Sons of Anarchy merchandise available! Those looking for more intense shirts will not be disappointed when they see shirts such as the Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, Reaper on Bike. This has a huge print of a reaper on a bike, taking up almost the whole shirt. How’s that for intense?

Sons of Anarchy the highest rated show on FX

Its no wonder that everyone wants a Sons of Anarchy shirt, the popularity of the show has risen to such popularity that it has surpassed The Shield and Nip/Tuck as the most popular show on FX! Created by Kurt Stutter, this show follows the lives the members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club as they operate as an illegal biker organization.

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