Wear a The Walking Dead T-Shirt!

Since it first aired in 2010, the Walking Dead has become immensely popular. As with most TV shows, the popularity of characters ebbs and wanes, with different characters being more prominently featured and loved as the seasons go on. First appearing in Season 1, Daryl Dixon is an expert tracker who lives in the shadow of his brother. Daryl is played by Norman Reedus. He rises to prominence in the second season as Rick’s right hand man, and has since gained popularity amongst fans of the show. Daryl is one of the characters featured on the show which does not have a comic book counterpart.

the walking dead t-shirt

Support the Walking Dead – Sport a Walking Dead T-Shirt

Fans of Daryl Dixon can show their love for the show and the character by sporting a The Walking Dead T-Shirt, available in a number of different designs in the Walking Dead merchandise. Most of these shirts feature a zombie, colloquially known as a ‘walker’, and picture a graphic, and often grotesque portrayal of the baddies that Daryl slaughters weekly on the show. His signature weapon, a crossbow, kills zombies with ease. A  is the perfect way to show your love for Daryl and all the other survivors on the show, and lets others know in the event of a zombie apocalypse, that you are on the ball.

What can we expect from Daryl in the future?

More badassery, for one. At the end of season three we saw Daryle’s return to the group and subsequent saving of Rick, so only time will tell if he will be accepted back into the fold. With season four announced, be sure to grab your Walking Dead t-shirt, popcorn and crossbow, because this is sure to be one intense season!

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