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This Just In – Walking Dead Ratings Correlate to Walking Dead Shirts!

We here at ROCKWORLDEAST don’t claim to be scientists. But we have noticed something, as the ratings for the Walking Dead go up, so do our stock of Walking Dead shirts! As the show becomes more and more popular, more designs become available, and in return, we are able to offer you, the fans, more diversity in the stock we can offer you. The first season was met with critical acclaim, and was widely recommended by horror and drama fans alike to their friends. The show averaged 5.24 millions viewers an episode, and was nominated the first season was nominated for the Best New Series.walking dead shirts

Second Season Met With Mixed Reviews

Despite the huge success of the first season, the second season was met with mixed reviews. Some did not enjoy the focus on the human drama, and thought the show as getting away from its zombie roots. Its easy to see how this could anger some, as the zombies, or ‘walkers’, were a well received part of the show. The ‘walkers’ were uniquely designed and sent chills down the spines of fans. These grisly creatures were so well liked, they were even featured prominently on a number of different Walking Dead shirts, including the fan favorite, ‘Red Eyes’. This shirt depicted a ghastly looking zombie with evil red eyes, dark enough to inspire fear into the hearts of children everywhere.

The Walking Dead Hit its Stride in Season 3

Season three was met with better reviews, and hit universal acclaim. Fans were pleased by the return to the captivating storytelling that has marked the show thus far, and were left wondering ‘did that really just happen?’ more than once. Averaging 11.42 million viewers an episode, the show has shown that its popularity only continues to rise. As this show continues to be a fan favorite, watch the Walking Dead merchandise store to keep en eye on all the new Walking Dead Shirts that are sure to arrive!

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