The Greatest Walking Dead t-shirt in Existence

Capitalizing on the success of the zombie fad, the Walking Dead is a drama chronicling the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and their exploits as they deal with their impending doom, but also with each other. The show has had its ups and downs, characters have waxed and waned in popularity, and above all, it has kept the internet abuzz with gossip to do with everything Walking Dead related. It should be no surprise then, that fans all clamor to add a Walking Dead t-shirt to their collections.walking dead t-shirt

Walking Dead T-Shirt, Century 100

But fans don’t just want any Walking Dead t-shirt, they want the BEST Walking Dead t-shirt. And fans can have it, when they see the , Century 100. This shirt features the comic styling of a person standing over the bodies of hundreds of dead (again?) zombies. This shirt has hit popularity with fans as it show cases the comic book roots of the show, and simply put, is incredibly bad ass. Incredibly graphic, this shirt is sure to turn the heads of zombie fans everywhere and earn you a well deserved high five!

A selection like no other

Fans of the Walking Dead should not fear, the Walking Dead store has a huge selection of different t-shirts to choose from. Each shirt, unique in its graphic imagery, most feature the gruesome zombies that give the show its name. As fans eagerly await the release of the fourth season, the Walking Dead store will be stocking up on the coolest and latest Walking Dead t-shirts, so fans should keep an eye out for anything new that might arrive!

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