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            If you’re a fan of music, and you want to start you day off right, a band alarm clock is the tried and true best way to achieve this. Typically, band alarm clocks feature a twin bell design with a six inch circular face that is protected by a clear faceplate. This particular style of band alarm clock is analogue in nature with two long clock hands over an album cover, band logo or popular image associated with the musical group.

            Band alarm clocks also come in another more tech-advanced style that is the alarm clock lamp. Star Wars alarm clock lamps are a good example of the cool factor these band alarm clocks possess. In this version, the clock is a digital LED display and the head of each character doubles as a bed side light.

            Either version of these cool alarm clocks is the perfect gift for a music lover or collector. Mornings are always more fun when you wake up to the sound of something you love.