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Info About Alexisonfire Store

           Formed in 2001 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Alexisonfire is a Canadian rock band. The band consists of vocalist George Pettit, guitarist, pianist and vocalist Dallas Green, guitarist Wade MacNeil, bassist Chris Steele and percussionist Jordan Hastings. Alexisonfire is recognized as a post-hard-core, punk, emo band with a very unique sound.

            Since 2001, the band has released 5 studio albums all reaching various heights of success. Although, in 2011, lead vocalist George Pettit posted to the bands website that two members of the band would be leaving. They later released several special release tracks and eventually announced a final tour before they all decided to part ways. Despite the break up, show your love for Alexisonfire with one of our awesome Alexisonfire shirts.

            In our store you can find a variety of Alexisonfire Merchandise including some pretty sweet Alexisonfire shirts. One of our popular Alexisonfire shirts is our “Cardinal” shirt which featured an illustration on a cardinal, which represents their fourth studio album “Old Crows/ Young Cardinals and Dogs Blood”. Remind your friends of your faithfulness to the band with one of our awesome Alexisonfire shirts.