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Info About The Atreyu Store

           Atreyu is a post-hardcore band formed in 1998 in California. Named after the character from the Neverending Story, the current line up features Alex Varkatzas, Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel, Marc McKnight and Brandon Saller. Initially, they were an independent band but signed with Victory Records in 2001. As of 2013, the band has released 5 studio albums, and several members have announced exciting side projects they are currently working on.

          Fans will be pleased to see the Atreyu merchandise available in our Atreyu store. Everything from Atreyu t-shirts, Atreyu hoodies and Atreyu wallets are available. For winter, we also stock Atreyu hats. Finally, for those rockers in a band we also stock Atreyu guitar picks. This diversity in the merchandise available reflects the kind of band that Atreyu is: hardworking and dedicated to their fans!

          Although the band has confirmed they will be taking a break from recording and touring, the guys remain active and involved in the public eye through social media. Fans have maintained their loyalty to the band through the support of their side projects, but also continue to search for merch to add to their ever-expanding Atreyu collections!