Slayer Belt Buckle - Silver Eagle

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Prod. No.: BELT_0123

Officially Licensed Slayer Belt Buckles

Slayer Silver Eagle Belt Buckle

This Slayer buckle is the classic silver eagle and is made from heavy duty materials.

Early works were praised for their "breakneck speed and instrumental prowess," combining the structure of hardcore tempos and speed metal the band released fast, aggressive material.

The album Reign in Blood is the band's fastest, performed at an average of 250 beats per minute. Even now, very few bands can approach this speed.

The album Diabolus in Musica was the band's first with drop D tuning, God Hates Us All the first with C# tuning.

Allmusic cited the album as "abandoning the extravagancies and accessibility of their late-'80s/early-'90s work and returning to perfect the raw approach", with some fans labeling it nu metal.

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