Band Patches

Info About Buying Band Patches

            Customize clothing to any taste with these licensed iron-on band patches and show some love for the bands you admire while expressing your individual style. If you’re on the hunt for something special that can be sewn or ironed on to practically anything, this store is worth checking out. If you are not nimble with a needle, there is an adhesive substance on the back of these that will fuse the patch to the intended fabric. This magic works the best with a hot iron so be careful not to burn yourself in the process.

            These iron on band patches come in a wide array of shapes and sizes with some designs being cut to the shape of the image or lettering, while others are square, rectangle and round to name a few.  Iron on patches typically feature an embroidered band name, image or related graphic or logo and are used to decorate the purses, backpacks, hats, jackets and scarves of music lovers worldwide.