Deadmau5 Baseball Hat - Logo

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Description of Deadmau5 Baseball Hat - Logo

Prod. No.: CAP_0170

A Flat brimmed snapback Deadmau5 hat featuring a big bold mau5 logo on the front 2 panels of the hat in black and white. the back panels are in solid black and the stitching is in black as well. The underside of the brim has the name 'Deaduam5' printed in bold black and white as well. The hat is adjustable to size as it is a throwback style featuring a 'snapback'.

Deadmau5's real name is Joel Zimmerman, he's a Canadian dude who's a really really cool DJ who dates Kat Von D and loves his cat Meowingtons so much that he's even put him on an album cover and a lot of his merch.

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