Deadmau5 Girls T-Shirt - Leopard Print

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Description of Deadmau5 Girls T-Shirt - Leopard Print

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3167

Bright yellow Deadmau5 girls t-shirts made from soft, pure cotton that has been previously shrunk to fit to American standard sizing. This item has the Ma5head graphic in the center of the chest and the face (except eyes and mouth) is made from a fun leopard print pattern. The DJs name is written in white letters beneath the image.

Deadmau5 gets his name from the time he found the corpse of one of these furry animals inside his computer during a hardware switch. He talked about his discovery in an forum online and from there forward was known as 'that dead mouse guy' since that kind of handle is waaaaay to long to enter in as a username, he had to shorten it up to its current spelling.

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