Deadmau5 T-Shirt - Meowingtons Can't Fly

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Description of Deadmau5 T-Shirt - Meowingtons Can't Fly

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3152

Shown is an awesome Deadmau5 t-shirt with a full color photograph of Meowingtons the cat, enjoying a lounge about on the floor. At the top and bottom of the image it reads, 'Meowingtons can't fly, he's just a cat'. The artists name is shown at the bottom of the image in black letters with a white background. This tee is pre-shrunk and is screen printed using top quality inks and 100% pure cotton.

Joel Zimmerman goes by stage name 'Deadmau5' when he gets behind his musical equipment and takes his audiences by storm. He's a radical guy who has professed his love and mutual respect for his cat buddy on several public forums.'

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