Led Zeppelin Girls T-Shirt - Zeppelin Square

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Description of Led Zeppelin Girls T-Shirt - Zeppelin Square

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3492

Soft black Led Zeppelin girls t-shirts made from top quality, pre shrunk 100% cotton. This item features a round mini scoop neckline and fits comfortably and slightly larger in the waist than traditional sizing.

The graphic on the front lives up to its name, 'Zeppelin Square', and showcases a giant and distressed image of and airship hovering over the groups logo in large block lettering.

Led Zeppelin came to fame a few years after their formation in 1968 and by 1971 were referred to as the most humungous band in the world. They used an image of an air ship on their first album cover that was eerily twinned with the Hindenburg which exploded in the sky over New Jersey in 1937.

Clearly, we've got the best selection of Led Zeppelin shirts for girls anywhere online. So keep shopping!

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