Led Zeppelin Poker Set - Cards Chips & Tin

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Prod. No.: CARD_0007

Officially Licensed Led Zeppelin Poker Sets

Led Zeppelin Poker Set

This Led Zeppelin poker set comes with 1 Pack of 52 Regulation cards & 100 Heavy Weight clay style poker chips and collector's tin.

The success of Led Zeppelin's early years would be dwarfed by this five-year period in which the band would release their best selling albums and ascend to the pinnacle of musical success in the 1970s.

The band's image also changed as members began to wear elaborate, flamboyant clothing and they developed a reputation for off-stage excess.

Led Zeppelin began travelling in a private jet airliner (nicknamed The Starship[40]), rented out entire sections of hotels (most notably the Continental Hyatt House in Los Angeles, known colloquially as the "Riot House"), and became the subject of many of rock's most famous stories of debauchery.

One escapade involved John Bonham riding a motorcycle through a rented floor of the Riot House. The band were known for trashing their hotel suites, and throwing television sets out of the windows.

Another example of Led Zeppelin excess was the infamous shark episode, or red snapper incident, which took place at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle, Washington, on July 28, 1969.

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