Led Zeppelin T-Shirt - Swan Song Sunrise

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Description of Led Zeppelin T-Shirt - Swan Song Sunrise

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3583

Here we have a variation f the classic Led Zeppelin Swan Song T-Shirt, with the Led Zeppelin Swan Song Sunrise T-Shirt. The main difference in the new version of this shirt is the brightness of the colors and the way the brightness makes the sun shine behind the head of the nude man with wings in the center of the design.

This shirt is printed on a high quality black cotton tee and features the Led Zeppelin logo above the circular Swan Song image in the middle. At the bottom are the words U.S. Tour, 1975, which is when Led Zeppelin were touring for Swan Song.

Led Zeppelin shirts are a must have in every Led Zeppelin fan's wardrobe.

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