Megadeth Girls T-Shirt - Blue Angel

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Prod. No.: TSHIRT_2435

Officially Licensed Megadeth Girls T-Shirts

Megadeth Blue Angel T-Shirt

This Megadeth girls shirt features the bands logo and a blue angel graphic on the front of a high quality black cotton shirt.

Megadeth has been mentioned in many films and television shows, including The Simpsons when they displayed the "diepod" and the options were instant death, slow-painful death & "Megadeth", Northern Exposure when the character Shelly Tambo proclaims that somebody's wound "Looks like a Megadeth album cover", Mad About You, The Drew Carey Show (Dave Mustaine performs a solo in a scene), The X Files (Mulder mentions Megadeth to Scully), and Duck Dodgers, where the band made an appearance (in cartoon form) on the 2005 episode In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Rock with the song Back in The Day.

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