Meshuggah T-Shirt - Branches Of Anatomy

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Description of Meshuggah T-Shirt - Branches Of Anatomy

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3450

Meshuggah shirts are made from 100% pre shrunk cotton and show a giant torso illustration of a human body made up of burning embers. This individual is headless and has suffered a twin amputation affecting both legs.

Blue electricity emanates from both hands and wing-like braches spout from its back creating a surreal, forrest-like background. At the top of this scene, the groupís name is highlighted in electrified teal text.

Meshuggah hails from Sweden and got their start back in good old 1987. They fuse jazz and metal together at a break neck tempo with intricate song structures and polyrhythms that make for a unique listening experience.

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