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Officially Licensed Metallica Girls T-Shirts

Metallica Death Magnetic Girls T-Shirt

This Metallica Girls Shirt features a large skull print and the Death Magnetic logo.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett also played a role in the inspiration of the title, when he brought a photograph of deceased Alice in Chains member Layne Staley to the studio where Metallica was recording.

"That picture was there for a long time," said Hammett, "I think it pervaded James' psyche."

Wondering why someone with such talent would choose this path, Hetfield started writing a song based on his questions (the unreleased song "Shine").

On July 16, 2008, Hetfield commented on the album's title:

"Death Magnetic, at least the title, to me started out as kind of a tribute to people that have fallen in our business, like Layne Staley and a lot of the people that have died, basically rock and roll martyrs of sorts. And then it kind of grew from there, thinking about death some people are drawn towards it, and just like a magnet, and other people are afraid of it and push away."

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