Metallica Monopoly - Collector's Edition

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Description of Metallica Monopoly - Collector's Edition

Prod. No.: MONO_0003

Featured is a Collector's Edition Metallica Monopoly board game that is based on the history and tunes of the legendary metal band. The rules are the same as in the classic version but the board is fashioned to replace traditional properties with events and metal landmarks from Metallica's career in the limelight.

Game pieces include; the ninja star, the 'Justice Scales' the St. Anger Fist, the snake from 'The Black Album', the "Jump in the Fire' demon and the 'Kill Em All' hammer.

If James Hetfield had not responded to a newspaper ad Lars Ulrich posted, there would be no Metallica. Imagine a world lacking one of four bands who founded the entire thrash metal genre. Scary isn't it.

Maybe you're not much of a board gamer, that's ok, take a look at our Metallica shirts while you're here.

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