Pantera Military Hat - Rebel Metal

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Description of Pantera Military Hat - Rebel Metal

Prod. No.: CAP_0101

Officially Licensed Pantera Merchandise

Pantera Rebel Metal Military Style Hat

This is a "one size fits all" hat with a secret little compartment in the inside (with a sweet velcro closure). This hat features a cotton headband, if you find it too loose just cold wash & warm dry until it fits snug on your head. If you want to maintian it's shape, just flip it inside out and iron around the inner headband (be careful your iron is not too hot).

Pantera were an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas, that formed in 1981.

Although initially influenced by 1980s glam metal/hard rock bands, thrash metal acts such as Slayer and Metallica as well as traditional metal bands such as Black Sabbath would prove to be influential in the band's significant change in musical direction at the end of the 1980s.

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