Pantera Wallet - Cowboys From Hell

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Prod. No.: WALLET_0040

Officially Licensed Pantera Merchandise

Pantera Cowboys From Hell Suede Wallet

Although initially influenced by 1980s glam metal bands such as Kiss and Van Halen, Pantera's style would change by the late '80s, showing a greater influence from thrash metal acts such as Slayer, Exodus, Exhorder and Metallica, as well as traditional metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

Pantera subsequently became a key formulator of the post-thrash subgenre of "groove" metal. It would not be until nine years after forming that Pantera saw its first piece of commercial success in its 1990 major label debut, Cowboys from Hell.

From there, Pantera became one of the most celebrated heavy metal bands of the 1990s.

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