Rob Ford T-Shirt - You Crack Me Up

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Description of Rob Ford T-Shirt - You Crack Me Up

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3648

Oh, Rob! You just crack us right up! Toronto’s favorite mayor recently admitted to smoking crack cocaine. But don’t worry, he only does it when he’s partying like the 300 pounds of fun he is!

Like our other Rob Ford designs, This Rob Ford tshirt features Mayor Ford’s bubbly little face screened with the words “Rob Ford” on top and “you crack me up” below. The latest installment Rob Ford tshirt we have here is just one of 4 other joke shirts poking fun at the crass Toronto Mayor.

Rob Ford has recently declared that he would like to run for Prime Minister! Don’t worry, we have a Rob Ford tshirt to commemorate that too.

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