Rush Pendant Necklace - Rush 2112

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Description of Rush Pendant Necklace - Rush 2112

Prod. No.: JEWEL_0051

At only 0.75” high and 1.25” wide, this Rush necklace really packs a punch! Made from the high quality pewter metal, this Rush necklace is durable enough to withstand even the most intense rock out. This necklace features the words Rush 2112 cut to shape and hangs from a coated cotton rope. This necklace is perfect for those business types who still enjoy some good rock and roll every now and then, but can’t overtly show it at the office. It can be worn underneath a t-shirt to stay true to your rock and roll roots, or it can be worn with pride as a great accessory to the Rush t-shirt you already own.

Composed of Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson, the band formed in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. They have since paved the way for fellow Canadian bands, as they were met with widespread acclaim and a loyal fan following. This fan following has required a great deal of Rush merchandise to be manufactured, with everything from Rush bobbleheads to something as small as a Rush necklace.

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