Star Wars T-Shirt - Free Throat Hugs

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Description of Star Wars T-Shirt - Free Throat Hugs

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3538

Star Wars is one of the most well known franchises out there, and consequently it should be no surprise that this Star wars shirt is so popular with fans. Printed on black 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt, this shirt is sturdy with double stitching, so any rebel force can wear it with ease during an intergalactic battle without fear of tearing. Its no wonder that 9/10 droids prefer this Star Wars shirt.

Star Wars is an intergalactic space opera which follow the exploits of a couple space heroes and their quest to defeat Darth Vader. With the release of the prequel movies, however, we found out that Darth Vader wasnít actually that bad of a guy in the beginning, but his slow fall to the dark side ruined his good guy cred. This critically acclaimed franchise doesnít just stop at movies, however, Star Wars has also been made into tv shows, books and video games. Itís really no surprise then that fans have so much Star Wars merchandise to choose from. This Star Wars shirt, however, is definitely one of the coolest and is sure to be the gem of any Star Wars collection.

Star Wars shirts featuring a variety of licensed images including Darth Vader parodies, movie posters and more.

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