Ted T-Shirt - Pot Leaf

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Description of Ted T-Shirt - Pot Leaf

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3440

Feast your eyes on this Ted shirt and you'll see why everyone's talking about the hit movie starring Marky Mark alongside his best friend, the talking bear.

As you can see, this little potty mouth likes his vices which is clear from the giant green pot leaf and cloud of smoke wafting out from behind him.

These are made from 100% top notch cotton that has been previously shrunk to fit comfortably to American standard sizing.

Ted is a best friends movie that gets a little weird when you realize one of the characters is going to be a foul pervert in the body of a stuffed animal. However, as soon as the little guy opens his mouth, comedic gold happens making him one of the most quoted bears of the 21st century.

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