The Walking Dead Bobble Head - Daryl Dixon

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Description of The Walking Dead Bobble Head - Daryl Dixon

Prod. No.: TOY_0036

Feast your eyes on these Walking Dead Bobble Heads and behold the Daryl Dixon Bobbler. 7 inches of smouldering manliness and well defined muscle perfect the image of one of televisions most handsome zombie-slayers.

Double D comes clutching his beloved compound bow and his 30 mile stare is so accurate to his character that it's unnerving.

This exciting statuesque wacky wobbler comes attached to a gray base that bears his name and is delivered in a window box that resembles the payout station on one of those game shows where it always rains money.

Daryl Dixon is to The Walking Dead as The Hoff was to Baywatch though it's evident that Mr. Dixon is more than just a pair of firm buns and well sculpted facial hair. This guy is an expert at massacring the undead and does it with such precision one would think it was his full-time, pre-apocolypse job.

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