The Walking Dead Bobble Head - Michonne

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Description of The Walking Dead Bobble Head - Michonne

Prod. No.: TOY_0037

A Startlingly accurate Michonne bobble head from the hit AMC series, the Walking Dead. This woman is such a menacing she-machine she gets away with including a cape in her wardrobe - no one even questions it.

Standing approximately 7 inches tall and attached to a light gray base with her name written on it, this champion of the living clenches her fist and samurai sword and stands eternally ready for action.

Michonne (pronounced: Mi-Shown) is a warrior shrouded in mystery and darkness when she appears in the final episode of season 2. Her well timed arrival sees her save one of the main characters from certain death but leaves a lot of question to be answered. Namely why does she have two zombies shackled to her like pets?

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