Black Moor T-Shirt - Golden Ram

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Description of Black Moor T-Shirt - Golden Ram

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_2389

Black Moor Shirts displaying the Golden Fire Ram Graphic that showcases a ram's skull, with large horns, on a purple circular background that is outlined in gold.

The band's logo appears in blue at the top of the design. This item is black, made from 100% fine quality, preshrunk cotton and comes in several sizes.

Due to a car crash on the way home from a show in Montreal, Canada, Black Moor's debut album 'The Conquering' was set back by almost a full year. While most of the band members walked away with minor injuries, drummer Sylvain Codderre suffered a leg that was broken in 3 places along with a broken jaw and lacerated skull and spleen.

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