Breaking Bad T-Shirt - Los Pollos Hermanos

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Description of Breaking Bad T-Shirt - Los Pollos Hermanos

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3628

Finger lickin’ felonies! Advertise the sweet taste of chicken and meth with this Breaking Bad t-shirt!

Printed on a white, cotton t-shirt, this print from the hit AMC drama Breaking Bad features the logo for the fictitious fast food franchise, Los Pollos Hermanos, run by high profile meth distributor, Gus Fring. The logo consists of two chickens, dressed in scarves and sombreros standing back to back in front of a blue circle, with the restaurant’s name circling the image. You don’t need to understand Spanish to appreciate this Breaking Bad t-shirt!

The character of Gus in the show uses his chicken chain as a front for his extensive illegal meth operation. The name of the restaurant loosely translates to “The Chicken Brothers” and was started by Gus and his friend Max in the late 1980s. It may be a front, but this guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to his chicken!

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