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Here is the official Heisenberg shirt, it's the Breaking Bad shirt that you saw on Talking Bad on Sept 1st, 2013!

Behold these Breaking Bad shirts with an official police sketch of 'The Heisenberg' in black and white on the front torso. Walter White (or Walt as we know him) sheds his nice guy persona to become the ultimate mafioso personality. The police artist ends up making him look more like the amateur sketch of a tree leprechaun who hangs out in Crichton, Alabama.

This item is made from soft, 100% cotton that fits comfortably and is available in a wide range of standard American sizes.

Breaking Bad is a riveting television drama about the transformation of a high school chemistry teacher who discovers he has inoperable cancer. His progression from a meek Debbie-do-gooder to top of the food chain meth producer is almost as hard to watch as it is to look away from.

Wear the immortal Heisenberg on your shirt forever with one of these amazing Breaking Bad shirts.

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