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Info About The Bring Me The Horizon Store

            Bring Me The Horizon formed in the year 2004 in the UK in a town called Sheffield. They play with metalcore tendencies and show an enthusiasm for connecting with fans which is visible by the sheer volume of twitter followers this band enjoys. Their hard hitting riffs and raw screaming vocals have encapsulated the hearts of adoring fans worldwide. Oliver Sykes is the front man behind the banshee screams and attributes his vocal styling to listening to a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan as a youth.

            With such a loyal and supportive fan base, Bring Me The Horizon merchandise can afford to be a little zany and it never stops short of delivering. A typical Bring Me The Horizon t-shirt usually depicts an animal exhibiting anthropomorphic properties or large graphics depicting scenes of gore. These images keep fans coming back for more as they are eager to show their support for BMTH.