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About The Clocks & Wrist Watches Store

            Clocks & watches are a traditional way to keep tabs on the time of day. They are also a great way to show of a sense of individualism. Hanging a band logo wall clock or sporting a band alarm clock will make getting up and staying on time more fun and way easier. Licensed clocks are a rarer find when it comes to official merchandise and are great for fans who like to collect. They make a great addition to any man-cave or music room!

            A band clock generally features an analogue style glass face with the bands logo displayed beneath the hands. A wall clock is typically battery operated (not included) and measures approximately 14 inches by 14 inches in diameter.

            Band logo alarm clocks typically hold true to the twin bell design with a circular analogue face featuring the group’s name set beneath glass. These are built with 2 very loud alarm bells and sand on 3 tiny feet.