Bob Marley T-Shirt - Excuse Me

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Description of Bob Marley T-Shirt - Excuse Me

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3644

Bob Marley knows how to start the party with style! Follow his example with this Bob Marley t-shirt!

Taking lyrics from one of Bob Marley’s songs, this white, cotton shirt exhibits one of Bob Marley’s favorite pastimes: recreational use of alternative smoking herbs.

The main image is bordered by a rasta colored line on the top and bottom of the graphic. Between them is a black and white profile image of Bob Marley, smoking, and next to him are the words, “Excuse me while I light my spliff.” In the corner of Marley’s face are the words “Easy Skanking” which is the title of one of his songs. Below the print, in a rasta coloured font, is his name.

The song “Easy Skanking”, that this Bob Marley t-shirt is based on, refers to a dance in the reggae community known as “Skanking”. It originally involved a running man motion with a flurry of fist punches and elbow movements. It has evolved since then and elements of the original ‘50’s dance can even be seen in modern moshing!

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