Eazy E T-Shirt - Gangsta

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Description of Eazy E T-Shirt - Gangsta

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3390

Pictured is a black Eazy-E shirt that has a giant, full color photograph of the legendary rapper armed and ready to shoot. This image is square and also features the words, 'F*$%ING GANGSTA' at the top and bottom.

Made from 100% cotton and pre-shrunk to fit comfortably to American standard sizing, these make a great gift for any fan of old school gangster rap.

In life, Eazy-E was a brilliant rapper who partook in a life of crime as a means of protection from the hard streets he grew up on. His dangerous career choice gave him plenty of material for the genius and controversial rhymes he is responsible for.

Unfortunately, when you live in the fast lane, life catches up with you quickly, and Eazy-E experienced this by way of a bad AIDS infection. In death he is hailed as the godfather of gangsterism represented in the rap music of today.

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