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Guns N Roses (GNR) Lies T-Shirt

This Guns N Roses shirt features the Lies album cover screen printed on the front of a high quality, black cotton shirt and makes a great gift for any GNR fan!

GNR Lies is an EP released by the hard rock band Guns N' Roses in 1988 (see 1988 in music). According to the Recording Industry Association of America, it has sold 5 million copies in the United States and about 12 million copies worldwide to date.

Its first four songs consist of the previously released EP Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide.

The last four songs were recorded with a strong acoustic guitar influence.

They were written and recorded in one studio session (with the exception of "You're Crazy", which appeared in an alternate version on Appetite for Destruction), which producer Mike Clink called "one of those magical rock and roll history moments".

A Duff sung track "Cornchucker" was dropped from the album, reportedly for excessive profanity.

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