Alice In Wonderland Girls T-Shirt - Cheshire Cat

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Description of Alice In Wonderland Girls T-Shirt - Cheshire Cat

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_2162

These are Disney Alice In Wonderland shirts for girls that are made from soft, black, 100% pure cotton that has been pre-shrunk to fit true to size.

This item is part of the Disney Couture line and showcases a bright, colorful jumbo front torso graphic of the Cheshire Cat poised in one of his classically 'impossible to achieve in real life' positions. The name of this hit Disney movie is written on the upper left side of the garment and there are several shapes including stars and swirls in the background.

The Cheshire Cat is a complex guy who's intentions are often misunderstood because the dudes a complete genius who is talking to a bunch of ignoramus's and a girl who can't pay attention long enough to finish her lessons without falling asleep.

Find Alice In Wonderland shirts featuring your favorite characters from the classic Disney movie and from the Tim Burton remake.

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