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            Carcass is a British metal band formed in the 1980’s. Often regarded as one of the grindcore founding fathers, Carcass were among the first bands of the extreme metal genre to try a different lyrical approach. Their unique lyrics show their fascination with the medical field often referring to surgical gadgets and words straight out of a medical textbook.

           The band, formed in 1985 had the original line up of singer/guitarist Bill Steer and drummer Ken Owen. In 1987, bassist Jeff Walker signed on with the band, shortly after, the band inked a deal with Earache Records. . In the early 1990’s, the band added a second guitarist and fourth member Michael Amott. Throughout their lengthy career, Carcass has released 6 full studio albums as well as 6 EPs, along with one DVD. Carcass has been mentioned as one of the pioneers of grindcore, for all you metal heads out there, why not check out our great selection of Carcass shirts & merch!

            In our store, we offer several Carcass shirts, a fan favorite being our “Heartwork” shirt. This is the artwork from their fourth studio album, inspired by artist and sculptor H.R Giger. The graphic sits in the center of the shirt, with the groups logo below printed in a charcoal with a white outline. On the back is a black and white image of the 4 band members. Find great Carcass shirts like this and more by visiting our Carcass Store.